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Manual and Procedures 

We are thrilled that you have chosen our apartments for your vacation in beautiful St Pete Beach… 

We hope you have a wonderful time staying with us!   

If this is your 1st time renting a vacation home, we are so happy to welcome you to the experience.

Here is some info to help you with your stay at 360 Beach


A few things that you should know

We are not a hotel with full time staff 24/7. 

We are a small family run business. We don't have room service, maintenance or a cleaning staff on the property. We do our best to address any issues as fast as possible,  please understand we are not always available to stop by immediately.


We supply the basics (1 or 2 rolls of TP, Paper Towels, Shampoo/Conditioner/Soap...) to get you started on your vacation. There are a few stores near by to resupply (Walgreens, Publix)


360 78th Ave, St Pete Beach Florida 33706


Parking is available in front of the property with the parking spot marked to the appropriate apartment. Regretfully there is only ONE spot per unit and PLEASE DO NOT park in other guests designated parking. If needed there is extra parking around the corner on the opposite side of the property in front of the white fence

(there is a "no parking" sign for non visitors)

Please only park on our property and not the neighbors as they will have you towed.



When arriving at the PINK courtyard door, you will enter code provided to open by email.

Once inside the courtyard you will see 4 apartments with colored doors.  

Lets Flamingle

( Pink door)

Fiesta Siesta

(Green door)

Squeeze the day
(Yellow door)

 Beach Please!

(Blue door)

If there is a problem with the keypad at any time,  please message in the app immediately 




In the event of an emergency call 911 or message us through your booking messaging system.


You may also text Yina Brown (813) 263-7247 or Justine (813) 843-2522

(Using your booking app is the FASTEST way to get a response)


Non emergencies.

If you arrive early and want to check in, its not an emergency

If someone is parking in your place, its not an emergency.

If you encounter a mosquito(welcome to Florida), its not an emergency.

If you left the door open and palmetto bugs get in. You may close the door. This is not an emergency

If you run out of toilet paper( you forget to by more), its not an emergency.

If the beer gets warm because the fridge does not work, its not an emergency ( well........ maybe)


Thank you for choosing to staying with us. If you have any questions, please feel free to text us and will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. As we are a family business, if we don't get right back we may be busy parenting, so hang in there and we will be right with you. 



There are Google range extenders placed in the units, please do not unplug as this could limit the wifi usage for your unit and others

Scan the QR code on the fridge or use


WIFI:     Hey Vacay

PASSWORD:   havingfun 


Our beach rentals have four separate one bedroom apartments, fully stocked and conveniently located within a walled courtyard with coded gates on either end of the property. The communal area is for your use which includes an outdoor shower, seating, picnic table and grill.  There is also a small “green” playhouse for children to use.  Each unit has its own patio table and chairs as well for morning coffee or a glass of wine at night.  


A few rules please:

No pets

No smoking

No loud parties (violating this WILL get you removed)

No loud noise past 11 pm please

If there is a fire emergency, call 911. The fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen under the sink


A/C and heater: 

Please keep the Air conditioners at 72 during summer and 78 during the winter months. The remote is on the wall in the apartment. The house manual located in the unit has operating instructions for the remote.



This property does not have cable TV, however,  the TV’s are smart TV’s so there is also Netflix and Hulu etc. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote for unlimited streaming movies and TV shows. If you use your own logins, please remember to logout.

Roku TV can also work from your phone- just download the app!



If the switches trip or the lights go out, the electrical panel is located inside the closet


Groceries and other items:

We provide you with a stay starter pack ( we are NOT a full service apartments)  4 coffee pods for the Keurig.  Please make sure to unplug it after each use. Enough paper products to get you started. We will also leave a new dish scrubby and 1 dish washing pod to get you started.  There is a Publix located nearby at 1075 Pasadena Ave for your grocery items.  There is a convenience store across the road. There is no laundry onsite but a 24 hour laundromat is on the corner next door


Instead of a guestbook, we would LOVE if you would be as kind as to take a photo/photos in front of the wallpaper in your unit and/or photos having fun in the courtyard or at the beaches and post it to our social media page.  This is the biggest compliment we could ever receive…you having fun and making memories to last a lifetime! Instagram @heyvacayrentals


Beach Towels:

Beach Towels are provided for use at the beach, Please don’t take bathroom towels to the beach.


Missing/Damaged Linens: $20 (Per item)

Outdoor Shower:

Please rinse off all sand from feet and other items. Sand on the floors is very uncomfortable for guests and clogs the shower and other drains.


Picnic Table:

There is a picnic table for all to use on a first come basis. Please be considerate of other guests if there is a need to share.


Barbecue Grill:

There is an electric grill is for all to use on a first come basis. Please be considerate of other guests if there is a need to share. Please use the brush to clean the grill once done so it is clean for the next guest. Please replace the cover once it cools. Please let us know if there is a problem with the grill.


Bike locks code: 33706



Checkout is at 11am sharp

The cleaners arrive shortly thereafter in order to get the apartment  cleaned before our next guests arrive at 4pm. We apologize in advance but we cannot allow late checkouts at all for this reason.

Please put all the trash into bags and leave them in the kitchen

If you have crockery and cutlery in the dishwasher, please start the load before checking out 


Please ensure all the doors are locked when leaving. 

If you need anything at all before or during your stay, just send us a message on the app and I’ll be available to help! 



We look forward to welcoming you to our great city. 

Thank you very much and enjoy your stay in St Pete Beach



Hey Vacay Team


Your unit is equipped with a Roku TV and Mini Split AC (select for instructions)

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