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About us...

We are Fabulous!

Yes, you read that correctly…we are un-ashamedly and un-bashfully, fabulously fun!  One thing you can count on with us, is that we all love a good vacation with creative and beautiful places to stay and that’s what we want for you too


We love spending time together, I mean we have to right?  We are a family business and we love that we can work and play at the same time.  Sometimes our days are super crazy with kids and grandkids running about us screaming as we work and on the other days we are even more crazy! We are all in the real estate business so managing our Airbnb’s is our priority 

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Thank you for choosing us to help you to create special and lasting memories in one of our homes or apartments. We hope that you will have as much fun staying with us as we have had creating the spaces for you, family and friends to enjoy


So come back again and again…That will be our biggest compliment!

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