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We come from a long line of worldwide traveling family members and once that bug has bitten you, it can never be cured…thankfully! Needless to say, we are carrying on the tradition and are blessed to have, and still be, traveling the world extensively!


Because traveling expands your horizons in a way that nothing else can, we have come to note that as vast and as beautifully stunning our world is, we are desperately failing at keeping our magnificent planet that way for future generations to come


One commonality amongst us as a family, is that we realize that we want to and CAN, make a difference in some small way through our business….and so, Vacation With A Purpose was born


Because we have themed almost all of our units, each time a guest stays with us we are able to take a portion of that income and donate to a cause that’s related to that property. As an example, In our Artists Way, downtown St Pete, our donation goes toward the Autism project. If you happen to choose our Sunset Beach location, we support the Surfriders Association and so much more...


We are passionate about helping others and helping to heal our planet and we hope that you will feel that way, knowing that you too have contributed, all while having a fulfilled vacation…with a purpose!


Click below -If you’d like to contribute to any of the organizations yourself

                                                                                                                              Thank you! 

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